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Namaste Beloved Ones,

woman-seekingDo you sense that there is more to life than what you are now experiencing?

Do you have a spiritual calling and or entrepreneurial urge that seems to be insatiable?

Do you find yourself in a challenging space of not being very happy with one or two areas of your life that keep repeating the same old patterns of what you do not want?

Do you desire to take back your authentic divine power and follow your bliss?

Do you desire to know the way through the chaos and struggle to inner peace, love, joy, bliss, abundance, inspired creativity, authentic power, purpose, ease and grace?

Does your heart and soul thirst for the truth of who you really are?

Do you sense that what you seek and long for seeks and longs for you even more?

Do you have a strong urge to know your true passion, purpose and potentiality?

The truth is there is no magic pill.

Unlimited possibilities do exist and are yours to choose. Life is not about finding yourself by looking outside yourself, it is about remembering from the inside who you really are and creating yourself.

Answering our spiritual calling brings harmony to our life.

When we are harmonious we resonate that frequency in rhythms of joy, adding to the beauty and wonder of life. As we feel the joy of life and share it, what we share is returned tenfold and we can feel the joy exponentially.

This is a path for the courageous of heart and requires the full commitment to show up and give 100% to its sacred alchemical process of transformational becoming your true authentic self on multi-dimensional levels of wholeness with a true sense of inner peace, wellbeing and expansion.

We as human beings are now conscious that we are conscious like never before in human history. We are raising the bar from merely surviving to tapping into our inexhaustible divine design Source essence and signature of thriving that sustains and lifts us. We are asking for more depth, intimacy, love, freedom, authenticity, abundance, creativity, sense of wholeness, wellbeing and deeper connection in all relationships.

It all starts with you.

Your choices and your relationship with yourself determine all of the above. All of it comes down to your connectivity with your own divinity and how much love and unique soul’s expression you are willing to allow into your Universe. All around you, through you and expressed as you. It is your decision to claim your birthright to access a greater inner awareness that births you and lifts you to a whole new perspective and paradigm.

This is a powerful spiritual path to know the wisdom of your sacred heart and the true lasting beauty of your unique soul’s expression embodied by human form which now radiates your divine energy from the inside out.


Love Flow Energetics


This revolutionary and evolutionary quantum healing process called, Love Flow Energetics, starts by deprogramming the old three dimensional paradigm reality that is no longer working for you and to begin aligning with your true heart’s joy, passion and souls purpose.

As you do this, you begin to lift yourself up to a new reality of living the life you were always meant to be living. The old blocks and patterns start to fall away and your authentic truth, beauty, magic and power reveals itself to you more and more.

image(3)With the cycles of the seasons going through the natural ebb and flow, I began to recognize the connection with nature that I have always had while growing up in Canada and now living in  Utah… how this matched the same energy and evolution that was going on inside of me this whole time. Nature is the only thing that has ever really understood me.

As a child I was always outside from morning until night. I was a tomboy that climbed trees, waded in the creek for hours catching minnows, rode my bicycle everywhere and felt the freedom of being me as time stood still in the feeling of total bliss, peace, beauty and harmony all around.

My family was dysfunctional as most families are. I was the oldest with two brothers. My Dad was a great provider, loving and very generous. He was also a yeller. My Mom was a very loving homemaker and also kept the peace at all costs. “Oh don’t say that it will upset your father.” So I experienced my unique self expression as being squashed in one way or another, over and over again.

Many of us are born into this world where we are not accepted for being ourselves right from the beginning. We are programmed from our family to be in survival mode. We are put into the constraints of time and societies expectations right away like a pressure cooker of having to be somewhere else, be someone and time is running out. So we find ourself playing small, stuck in the past or worried about our future where neither one actually exists now nor do they bring us the happiness we seek. Instead we attract more of the same challenges.


This separation from our divine truth is what causes all the struggle, pain and suffering in this world.

Our earlier ancestors charted the stars, the planets and the natural ebb and flow and the seasons that cycle through on planet Earth. There is the sun up and the sun down that could be counted on each day and this natural internal rhythm of life force energy is what intuitively led them to their next step forward.

By understanding the Shadow side (fears) of these patterns and the lessons that you are here to learn about them (the Gift), you can consciously make choices that help you reclaim your joy, love, peace and abundance.

Knowledge is power.

If you understand who you are there are no barriers. The mirror reflecting back at you is used as more data to help you navigate through the inner matrix to becoming who you naturally are without limits.

It’s based upon your feelings and beliefs. To break the negative unconscious cycle repeating again, you need to know what your current life script running the show is and how to resolve emotional wounds and patterns so that you get different results. It’s within each of us to be joyful and abundant. But also within us is the programming codes our DNA. Our DNA is the genetic coding passed down from our ancestors. So how does that affect us? Well, our ancestors have had thoughts, emotions and patterns related to scarcity, loss and limitations. Every thought and emotion we have creates a chemical reaction in our body.

Once you discover what blocks or limitations are holding you back – whether yours or the one’s inherited from your family, you can make conscious choices to change the old pattern and create a different outcome.

As I grew up I was bullied, kicked and called names by my peers and teachers. I was molested by men three times my age at age 14. I continued to look for acceptance and love outside of myself and believed everything anyone ever told me. There was a lot of evidence to back these beliefs up of being unworthy, unlovable and not being enough everywhere I looked.

Perhaps like me, you have felt at some point that this world can be quite cruel. That you often cannot trust humanity and maybe you cannot even trust yourself? We create these protective mechanisms for good reason. People can come from something other than their hearts. The paradox is that if we are in survival mode, we never exercise the abilities that would cause us to thrive because we think we have to survive and protect ourselves first. This is simply not true.

Humans are built to thrive!

You do not have to wait to “fix or survive” your life in order to activate the aspects of you that cause you to thrive. What if I told you it is not a “change in thinking thing” as was previously thought but is really a genetic/ancestor lineage thing. The abilities to thrive are actually in dormant parts of your brain and your “junk” DNA.

When we shift our perspective magic and miracles happen!

image(5)I thankfully am a natural athlete and love to ride horses, ski and travel. This is where my confidence and self esteem carried me through in my earlier years into adulthood. I went on to create a very exciting adventurous life for myself.

It was not until much later that I realized how far off balanced I had really become from the divine natural flow and order from within, that I could no longer sustain myself living from the old energy and paradigm I had been living in. I thought that I really loved myself until I realized there were parts of me that I had never accepted, let alone loved?

After traveling Europe on vacation for two months. I ended up becoming a traveling nurse and traveling to Northern Utah to ski the best snow on Earth. Fast forward… I fell in love, got married and had children. My relationship with him was never easy. My children were young and I found myself very unhappily married after seven years.

It was August 2001 when I had a major spiritual awakening. The medical field calls it a “psychotic episode or breakdown” and I call it My Satori which was the beginning of an intense shamanic initiation and breakthrough. My whole life as I knew it turned upside down that night in a way that was unrecognizable from that day forward. I had conversations that night with my ancestors that came to see me, reassuring me that all would be okay and to keep on going. That I would be doing the ancestral work, writing books and teaching others how to heal and liberate themselves.

At the time I had no idea what that meant …and now I do. I now know I was well on my way to unravelling all the lies that I had told myself so that my true authentic self would be revealed where I would be free to be me creating from love and thriving rather than creating from fear and just surviving. This was the beginning of what some may call “a dark night of the soul” for me and was the last straw to the demise of my marriage.

Part of that initiation was having body memories of some trauma involving abuse when I was three years old, that until then I knew nothing about it. I chose to walk only the path of my truth from this point on and I aligned myself with my dreams and what would most light me up.

I was then being guided through this maze of confusion learning how to navigate the truth of the inner matrix and learning to recreate it on my terms, which was positively changing my life on the outside as I stayed on course with the process unfolding before me.

That the more I listened inside to my inner knowing, my sacred divine inner child would feel more safe, loved and worthy, through the dance of love I was now exploring. This nurturing dance was healing me and these sacred little ones were showing me the way home to connecting with my divinity and the magic of unity, wholeness and experiencing Oneness with it All. It is our birthright to know and experience this. I claimed that my divine little one gets to have it all, no matter what it takes!

I was taken on a long journey that was not always easy and at the same time magnificent with magic, miracles and synchronicities happening simultaneously along the way. My husband was not at all there for me. I am so grateful to him because I was able to take back my power, find out through experience who I really am and have a second chance of experiencing deep, connectivity and intimate love with myself and with others in a way I had yet to experience.

Everything that had happened to me in this lifetime I could clearly see the gift, the beauty and the truth in everything and everyone. I knew that this was all preparing me for something so much greater than my limited mind could ever know. Everyone is just doing the best that they can with the conscious awareness that they have at the time.

I discovered the alchemy of turning human leaden experience into spiritual sacred gold through the healing of the sacred divine and magical child. This is a priceless gift and is what has aligned me with my truth, gifts, talents and abilities that brings me here in service to you.

I am now a Quantum level energy healer and a Quantum clairvoyance professional, specializing in guiding others to crystal clarity, developing an inner strength and knowing of their sacred divine purpose that they have been seeking. To teach others how to direct their energy to shape their future and destiny. Creating their own YOUniverse of heaven on earth. As above, so below. As within, so without.

The worst thing that ever happened to me, is the best thing that ever happened to me!


My greatest passion and purpose is making this spiritual path easier for you than it was for me by guiding courageous women and men (Spiritual Warriors) with a spiritual calling, that are now ready to heal their magical sacred child from the seeds of joy to bloom with self mastery and transcend ordinary reality. The light of truth lights the darkness of life, giving birth to a divine spark of light that ignites and progresses through the body and spirit lifting you up to include living your dreams as your reality. This in turn promotes their truth, beauty, fun, magic, expansive awareness, manifestation and creativity which can be translated authentically to living their true purpose. All on multi-dimensional levels of wholeness aligned with mind, body, heart wisdom and the soul’s truest unique expression coming through.

This important knowing to walk my talk as I walk in elegance, truth and beauty is why and how my revolutionary and evolutionary system was created so you could know who you really are and be living the magical life you were always meant to be living. The sacred magical child has the keys to creating your sacred magical Universe and is patiently waiting for you to heal yourself and remember that your soul knows the way home.

Every man, woman and child deserves to experience the freely balanced expression of joy and innocence from an open heart, inspired by divinity, awakening and remembering to who we truly are again. What a wonderful world it will be!

True freedom can only be found when you accept the truth of yourself without doubt or fear.

No one else can walk this spiritual path for you. Only you, can gift you, this freedom of YOU!

It is your time to choose to fully be here now and enjoy each moment of a life well lived! You do not have to walk this path on your own.

Ask yourself, is the purpose of life to survive it or is it to actually thrive and enjoy it? The abilities are within you right now waiting to be activated without another moments waste. It’s your divine birthright to thrive. But it’s up to you to claim it and clear our the blocks that hold you back.

I have walked this path before you and I am here to serve as a bridge for where you are now and where you dream to be. I am a masterful guide that would feel so honored to walk by your side on your sacred journey of love and show you how to live in harmony, truth and abundance with life and those around you.

Is it time to reveal your inner passion of joy that is much greater than yourself? To inspire your creative expression and radiate your inner fire with dazzling brilliance and to share this naturally with others, is a blessing? Free yourself by going beyond the limits of this world to reach for the stars and soar with the eagles from seed to bloom!

Be the beacon of light that shines brilliantly what is possible to those who asked for you to show them the way!

If you are feeling resonance with me on this, please sign up for a complimentary Soulfully Unique discovery session today.


“Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy. When you are sorrowful, look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”

~Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet





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