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Katherine Liais a revolutionary and evolutionary Consciousness Facilitator, an intuitive, multi-dimensional Wellness Coach and Sacred Dream Weaver awakening you into Spiritual Self Mastery of our modern times. Inner to outer wellness has been her life’s work and she is devoted to awakening your unique inner genius. In this role, Katherine is a guide by your side here to expand you into rediscovering all aspects of your Being, including You as your own YOUniverse as an expansive, creative and abundant Being of love and light.

shutterstock_159892724A big believer that everyone has the power and ability to heal themselves from the inside out, Katherine supports anyone ready to lean in and expand outside their comfort zone to knowing more of who they really are through the mind/body connection and her signature system called Love Flow Energetics combined with Life Align by Design, incubating you from seed to bloom, giving you everything you need to know for your awakening towards Spiritual Self Mastery, to you thriving on your own.

Katherine has had a lifelong interest in Wellness since she was 14 years old when started studying the skin. She has several areas of Wellness expertise. To name just a few she is a certified NLP Life Coach through the NLP Institute of California since 2005 and recently got her BS in Health Promotion and Education from Weber State, specializing in Wellness Coaching and is also a licensed Master Esthetician since she was 18 years old. Guiding you to reveal your unique beauty from the inside out through mind, body and soul connection is her greatest love and contribution.

She has been an RN most of her adult life and has the capacity to connect on a deep heartfelt energetic level holding sacred space of infinite love, guiding you to embodying your soul’s unique expression and your innate heart’s wisdom to live your life fully enlivened and on purpose as you were always meant to be living.

Katherine offers a wide range of programs and services- from her introductory group teleclasses to her One to One Coaching packages where she guides you through her revolutionary, evolutionary energetic coaching and quantum healing system. A one of a kind way that only Katherine could bring in creating experiential sacred coaching guiding you to using your own imagination, to become more expansive, creative and abundantly tapped into infinite possibilities your own inner wisdom and potential from within. No longer confined by your limiting identities and beliefs  she helps you clear blocks and old patterns energetically so to freely take back your power and emanate more of your unique expression and brilliance out into the world.

Katherine is passionate about working with heart centered creative men and women, no longer willing to play small that have an inner calling emerging from within. Those people that are ready to lean in, letting go of what is no longer serving them and desiring to bring their unique part of heaven here on earth now and be the change they want to see in the world. To be courageous to bring that forth to know their highest potentiality by transcending old limitations to a whole new way of Being and bringing their unique peice of  heaven on earth only as they uniquely can. They then bring their dreams forth into the world as their living reality nurturing themselves from the inside out from seed to bloom.

Katherine Lia is no stranger to the world of struggle, challenge and suffering, after experiencing a sudden major awakening that happened in 2001, turning her world upside down over night to unrecognizable. This was the turning point during the demise of her marriage which became her dark night of the soul. Katherine decided to “walk the beauty way” and step foot on the path of her truth to awaken and ignite her passion and purpose again. This time on her terms. “What seemed like the worst thing that ever happened to me became the best thing that ever happened to me.” Katherine Lia is now devoted to helping others “walk the beauty way” as part of her energy medicine.

Katherine’s book gives the reader a glimpse of her experience that fateful night in 2001, which was self published in 2011 by Yinspire Media. She became a #1 Best Selling Author in 3 categories on Amazon. The book titled, Living Proof: Celebrating The Gifts That Came Wrapped In Sandpaper was co-authored with Lisa Nichols, best known from the movie The Secret.

Lisa says it best:

“The stories in this book were written to inspire you, encourage you and remind you that you are greater than your experiences.

To remind you that everything you need is already in you, that you are enough and you have always been enough, and that no matter how ugly it gets, you are destined for greatness.

Our lives are living proof of the magnitude and resiliency of the human spirit. Your life is living proof of the human spirit. So as you read this book, celebrate the champion you have been in the past, the champion you are today and the champion you will become.

What I love about the human spirit is, if one person has access to it, we all do ~ Lisa Nichols.”

Katherine Lia just recently completed her second book now in manuscript form that expands her hero’s journey into 7 chapters and 7 main lessons of self love and transformation to embodying your unique soul’s expression and living your truth. She hopes to be published through Sounds True or Hay House for further reach and distribution to be more visible to her ideal audience that resonate with her teachings.



You are the one you have been waiting for!
“May your dreams include your reality!”


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Katherine Lia is a spiritual life coach, author, & wellness coach, devoted to helping others “walk the beauty way” and reach their full potential- mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually.

An ACC-Certified NLP Life Coach and leading authority in consciousness facilitation, Katherine awakens the human spirit and creates sacred space for deep & profound transformational experiences. Her mission is to inspire men and women to take back their magnificence & authentic power and choose to experience unconditional love, beauty and truth from the inside out, making their dreams a living reality.

Katherine co-authored the book, Living Proof: Celebrating the Gifts That Come Wrapped in Sandpaper– with Lisa Nichols and guides her clients into knowing how to bring themselves into the dance of love as we embrace our wholeness now, as perfect, complete and ever-expanding.

For more information on Katherine, her programs, offerings & teachings, visit KatherineLia.com.