Living-Proof-FrontMy co-authors and I reveal how we unwrapped the sandpaper of pain, despair, torture, self-loathing, illness to find the gifts of peace, happiness and success that we now share with the world.

None of us lives without adversity, without scars. But as you read the powerful, transformative stories in Living Proof, you will be amazed and then inspired to look for the gifts within your own experiences.

As Lisa says:

“These stories are living proof that whatever you may be going through, the darkness is only temporary—it’s not your destiny. This book is proof that you are greater than your circumstances, whatever they are. You have an opportunity to turn a test into your testimony; to turn a mountain into your platform; to turn the challenges that would break you into reasons you sing, write, speak, teach; and, like the co-authors in this book, offer up your story as living proof of what is possible.”

In Living Proof: Celebrating the Gifts that Came Wrapped in Sandpaper, doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, people just like you, tell how they were thrust into extraordinarily difficult circumstances and how they found the strength, not just to survive, but to triumph.

As you read Living Proof, you will:

  • Be amazed at the resilience and power of ordinary people.
  • Begin to recognize your own gifts wrapped in sandpaper.
  • Learn that no circumstance, no trouble, no scar can keep you from the life you deserve.
  • Be inspired to transform your life and to share your blessings with the world.
  • Begin your new journey of hope and triumph TODAY. Living Proof will inspire you
  • Be amazed! Be amazing!