If you are anything like me, then you are…

  • Done letting doubt, fear, past conditioning and programing get the better of you
  • Done settling for anything less than what you deserve
  • Done going it alone into unchartered territory only to have the same old patterns pop up once again
  • Done being anxious, depressed, irritated and angry more than you like
  • Done automatically reacting in a way that no longer serves you
  • Done playing small, feeling not enough, struggling and suffering some more
  • Done “shoulding” all over yourself
  • Done not allowing yourself to dream
  • Done holding yourself back from Being the greatness that you feel emerging from within you
  • Ready to put your truth and true freedom front and center
  • Ready to Be, Do and Have all that you came here to Be, Do and Have, beyond your wildest dreams
  • Ready to know yourself as an energetic Being with unlimited energy within you
  • Ready to love yourself more than anyone has ever loved you before
  • Ready to open up to a safe, loving and abundant YOUniverse to rewrite a new script from, for you to Star in and shine
  • Ready to activate the kundalini rising, feeling your sexuality, sensuality and the most powerful creative force within You
  • Ready to follow your calling, be powerfully on purpose and express creatively in ways entirely unique to you, as only you could
  • Ready to claim your inherent birthrights, unique gifts, psychic abilities and talents cus you know you were always meant to shine
  • Ready to set the bar high on your own terms and have the emotional edge on your side
  • Ready to remember this spiritual mastery already within you and align with your passion, purpose and pleasure
  • Ready to experience the magic of your inner world creating your outer world, to walk on this Earth knowing it is an abundant Universe and is here for You
  • Ready to embody your soul and birth a New and powerful You
  • Ready to go on the most extraordinary adventure of your life by taking back your power once and for all and creating the life you were always meant to be living as your true nature
  • Ready to explore your divine passion and your unique divine spark to ignite the fire within and authentically express yourself out in the world as you choose to create it by Being  authentically You
  • Ready to know you have what it takes to see your vision through with sheer determination on your divine journey to knowing your greatest potential
  • Ready for more possibilities opening up for you now while experiencing the unfolding and having the tools, guidance and map to keep moving forward on track aligned with your vision
  • Ready to learn a whole new way of Being and birth a whole New You into the world that brings more love, inner peace, joy, creativity, vitality and bliss to each and everyday which makes up what I call the “juice of life” you now get to enjoy
  • And ready to experience your most extraordinary success yet, along your next steps of conscious awakening, your creative evolution, while experiencing the secret to everything

This is where the clouds part and the sun beams through…


Then You are in the right place of this consciousness love revolution, evolving as a magical creative being choosing to Be on a fun magical journey of self realization and amazement!

Right now…

  • You know there is something better for you and you are willing to take the steps for sacred healing and to unleash those trapped, unresolved emotional pieces.
  • You want to transform into the person you were always meant to Be and something feels missing.
  • You know you are on the verge of something big and something needs to shift. You feel lost and don’t know which way to go and it feels a lot like overwhelm, chaos, trauma and drama at times.
  • You feel like you lost your best friend and don’t know how to find your fun self again.
  • You feel stuck as though you are between a rock and a hard place sometimes, if only you could get out of your own way?
  • You wonder how you got here because this is not what you had envisioned for your life exactly. Self doubt, anxiety and fear come into play often having you question yourself and whether your navigational system is something you can ever fully trust.
  • You have tried every modality out there and nothing you have tried is working, only to leave you feeling eluded once more.
  • You feel this greatness within you trying to emerge and instead of feeling creative as you know you are, you find yourself feeling frustrated, confused, stressed out and struggling time and time again. After all, this hero’s journey of awakening that you have been on has been challenging to say the least.
  • You feel the calling to a better world and you feel a sense of urgency that much more is possible for the way we communicate, connect, socialize and interact together. You also know it starts with you.
  • You know that to see change in the world you must Be the change you want to see and that this is the loftiest and most loving goal anyone could have for themselves and others, in order to create this change.
  • You are willing to go inward on an even deeper level than before and offer this up as your unique collaborative effort in creating a positive impact in the world. You feel the calling to fully experience your blossoming journey of fluidity, compassion and harmony from seed to bloom.
  • You know that doing your part matters and going on your sacred inner journey will help you reveal more of what you came here to Be. All so you can confidently choose to contribute your unique brilliance easily everyday as your love offering to bless your family, friends, community and the world by freeing yourself up from the past and Being fully You.



What you need…

Is a guide with a creative perspective, that already sees you as the timeless hero of your own divine journey, with secret powers already residing within you just waiting to be revealed. To live the life that wants you as much as you want it. To compassionately show you how to go from “looking into the abyss” to accessing your bliss as a choice you get to powerfully make in every moment of every day. Is for someone to share a revolutionary system with you that powerfully yet gently works, along with tools and a mindset that flows, keeps you current and flexible with an ever changing, ever expanding Universe that serves you and gives you what you really desire. By someone who has been where you are at and has succeeded in getting to the other side.

Meet Your Compassionate Guide

image(3)I’m Katherine Lia, your go-to-guide-by-your-side for showing you how to utilize this chaos, drama, and trauma of your hero’s journey, as the most extraordinary gateway to fueling your unique success.

I am a Sacred Dream Weaver guiding you skillfully to take your dreams from seed to bloom. Also a multi-dimensional Wellness/Life Coach, an Evolutionary Artist of the Heart and Soul and a Quantum Level Healer to skillfully support you on all levels. I coach high performing artists, those with an entrepreneurial urge and or relentless calling, and visionaries at heart to gain the clarity, alignment with their highest purpose, integrated with mind-body-heart and soul wisdom. Sharing with you the skill set necessary for generating the long lasting transformation you desire so you not only thrive, you feel good in your own skin and soar on your own terms moving forward.

The way I facilitate consciousness is experiential in nature which you will feel and learn to expand upon as you learn to attune to the profound power of the infinite subtle energies, heart focus and simplicity within. Every bit of what I show you is all cutting edge and backed up by science.

This One of a kind Signature System Love Flow Energetics combined with Life Align by Design is not only revolutionary, but is also evolutionary.

In order for the human race to “keep up” with the fast paced changing times we must be able to find an inner peace we can always count on, find balance and harmony with our surroundings, and create innovative new ways to live our lives in a way that works first for ourselves (This is key) and then naturally ripples out creating positive impact for everyone else as a whole.

With today’s ever-changing world moving at lightening speed, a powerful way to flow with the times is to know more of what you really are, as the powerful unique Being you came here to Be and Be that! You are the One you have been waiting for all along. You Being you is also the solution the world has been waiting for. It’s a win win for everyone.

You already are your own hero, the one that creates new worlds that lights you up and brings you the most joy and abundance. To be that absolute potentiality of creation energy now. Awakening of higher awareness through heart and soul wisdom is a remembering on multi-dimensional levels that is possible and available to us now like no other time in history. I can show you the way.
It is learning a whole new way of Being to birthing a New You!

To choose love and the power of creation, you slow yourself down and tap into your most powerful creative resource, YOU and shift from reaction to creation of your own YOUniverse in sync with your heart and soul’s call to love.

My magical loving approach is as uncommon as it is mind-blowing and life altering. And this is what makes me a rare and magical force to co-create with.

It’s not about eliminating or avoiding change but intentionally flowing with change, as change is what is real. As Quantum Physics reveals we live in a world in process where only those with a creative guidance system will adapt and thrive. As I see it we are all beautiful, powerful, unique creators of eternal love and light.

Love Flow Energetics with Life Align by Design is that and more.

You are infinite love intelligence, more beautiful and more powerful than you can currently imagine! Love is what is real!

It’s time for you to open up to how loved you are by Source, the Universe and begin to walk your true divine path.  One where Love is all that there is for you to experience. Where you become aware that you already are this mystical, magical love flow unfolding and that Being fully You creates something new to behold where you get to shine and Be free to Be!

Life is too short to struggle any longer. Now is the time to walk together into a magical world that is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating Yourself.

It’s about learning a whole new way of Being that is counter intuitive to what we have been taught….

Choose to be all you were created to be, knowing who you really are, whole, perfect and complete on multi-dimensional levels now and living the life you were always meant to be living. Your beautiful inner child gets to have everything that she/he ever wanted, which goes beyond your wildest dreams come true. She/He has the keys to your Queendom/Kingdom so you can create your Heaven on Earth.

Where you get to have all of your dreams come true and more because you are aware that you are divinely All That Is now, pure love and freedom. To be uniquely You shining your light so bright for all to see in all of your glory, in honor of The Creator that is You Being You. To choose to be loved, seen and heard is to experience true abundance and is true freedom every step of the way on your magnificent hero’s journey.

You are a magical Being on a magical journey! Won’t you come and play with me for a spell?



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Platinum Package: Birthing A New You

(Highly recommend for best results)
36 weeks of revolutionary and evolutionary life transformational coaching

This Love Flow Package includes the following 5 step process for us to dream weave together, in perfect divine order and flow:

The Big Vision

Gets you dreaming again which begins to set the stage for you to move towards your dreams  that you truly desire to create Honor your past story through seeing the light of what brought you here and what you have been preparing for up to now Rewrite the new script where you get to step into the spotlight and shine your light bright for all to see and Be your own hero in regaining your own super powers back, along the way and serve from your overflow

What is your soul’s unique specialty and purpose so to align your choices with your values, following your natural heart’s desires to feeling more authentically You matching your original divine design


Clearing blocks and balancing energies to higher frequencies

Experience everything is energy. By shifting it at an energetic quantum level it can happen instantly and no longer needs to show up in the physical world as old negative patterns repeating themselves

Release old programs, density and separation that you have held a long time and complete old patterns for good

Birth Process Healing Work stems from a growing body of research that confirms that your experiences, from conception through birth and early development, are primary contributors to the person you have become. Impressions occur within the body and soul of the newborn. These impressions create lasting imprints in our physiology as well as our psyche. These impressions/imprints affect our future experiences, and influence development in every area of our lives —- physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual. Experience Katherine’s keen sense of reading energy as a part of this revolutionary coaching- using her intuition, skillfully reading energy blocks and challenges you may not have know were there and guiding you to transmute it back to love, where you take your power back. Using a plethora of energy tools she has gathered through the many years are easily accessible in her tool belt along your path of co-creation and moving forward.

  • Balancing of all energies through quantum healing, energy medicine, used for self love, healing and reprograming.
  • Learn how energy works, it is most organic, natural and safest medicine there is on the planet
  • How to manage your own energy in ways keeping you vital and healthy It is as important to a human’s wellness as food, H2O and shelter is
  • Discover your own powerful self healing abilities
  • Learn your own unique internal light language and wisdom
  • Quickly shift perceptions, create spaciousness and bring yourself into bliss
  • Discover your sacred inner child for she/he has the ultimate keys to creating your Heaven on Earth
  • Learn how to create joy and bliss in every moment as you choose
  • How to hold a high frequency vibration everyday (this is key)


Shift Mindset to support you on multidimensional levels

  • Deprogram old conditioning and take back your ultimate power and authority
  • Reprogram and rewrite your subconscious mind with your new script aligning with your truth and purpose
  • Mindfulness practices and intuitive eating for greater health
  • Learn how to quiet the mind and have it work for you as a very powerful manifestation tool
  • Discover how to transcend fear, fight, flight, struggle and needing to survive and expand your consciousness to The New Earth way of
  • Being by sharing your gifts, love and cooperation with others
  • Learn the power of intention to creating instant change
  • Become aware of previous programing no longer serving you and reprogram your subconscious mind to serve the life you desire to create and start living it as a living art form.
  • Create the 4 pillars of integrity to support you


Mind/Body/Soul Connection as One

  • Create a space of Sacred heart wisdom and learn how to listen
  • Discover the sacred journey to embodying your soul fully
  • Open your heart, open your mind begin to unify all of your bodies as light
  • Tap into your own inner guidance system
  • Balancing the feminine with the masculine energy
  • Waking up the divine feminine power within us and integrate it within (men and women)
  • Opening up your intuition and learning to develop it further
  • Learn to freely dream and play again, imagination is powerful
  • Reset and integrate a whole new mind/body system upgrade with quantum level healing to help your body catch up with ease to the ascension process that has happened already
  • Clear out old patterns of limitation from your lineage completely at a cellular and DNA level with quantum level healing
  • Your body has a consciousness, learn to love it, honor it and give it what it needs

Enter a timeless realm…where you quickly cross the threshold feeling refreshed and brand new. Imagine your delight when you witness an age reversal in the mirror of consciousness and that you have just discovered the secret to everything…Yes Love Flow Energetics & Life Align by Design contains a powerful formula… the fountain of youth in the age of Aquarius.


Create Abundance

  • Take inspired action to create what you desire and be living the life you create on purpose
  • Create a whole new reality with deliberate intention
  • Be committed to making it happen no matter what from a place of knowing
  • See the magic and miracles happening all around you everyday
  • This is your chosen path, your movie, your script, your creation, you are the star actor, director, producer, you get to make it up
  • Learn “how” to listen to your heart wisdom & take inspired action by
  • Abundance manifestation steps to getting what you desire

We begin by co-creating the ultimate sacred cocoon of divine unconditional love intelligence which forms the basis for all we do going forward. We work together from here to nurture, love and support you to learn the most revolutionary cutting edge tools for self healing and self love to take back your power and really shine. This is done in the most sacred way specifically for you to grow and expand into your unique soul’s essence. To Be free to Be You in your own creative YOUniverse and unique self expression.

I share and guide you through my unique and intuitive step by step system, custom to your needs, This revolutionary LFE Process, guiding you along the way from this safe environment of your sacred cocoon to a magnificent and expansive butterfly with powerful tools to create your desired life by. To birth the New YOU of your own YOUniverse by what is presenting in any area of your life that you chose to focus on. Create from a place of love taking your dreams, mind, body, heart and soul to the next level within, from seed to bloom with ease and grace.

  • 1 hour intuitively guided coaching sessions, each week up to 36 weeks
  • Includes the 5 steps above, integrating, expanding, evolving beyond that, use your imagination
  • Unlimited email contact with questions (response within 24 hours)
  • Homeplay each week to practice and integrate into your daily life
  • All sessions below are included in the package above as extra services as per individuals needs (except VIP Days)

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VIP Days: An Invitation….

Would you like to make the most of your life by Being more aligned and on purpose by spending a powerful VIP Day With Katherine Lia?

Spend the day with Katherine, uncovering the highest vision of your Soul- healing the unconscious blocks to your success – and walk away with a clear purpose, daily practice, and powerful plan!

This is an intensive, life-changing day that will radically reshape the way you see yourself and your world – for people who are ready to stop getting ready, stop making excuses – and start living the greatest life possible!

Walk away with a clear purpose, daily practice, and powerful plan!

This is a spa-like experience and a life-changing event that will be fun, nurturing and shift your energy in a way people will notice you and will ask, “What have you been doing?”

Quantum Healing to Reveal your Purpose VIP Half-Day (4 hours)


Quantum Healing to Reveal Your Purpose VIP Full-Day (8 hours)

Normally valued at $8888
You can secure your exclusive VIP day with Katherine for a limited time only now for just $5555.

NB – This exclusive private program is conducted remotely via telephone or Skype

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Get a Taste!



Sacred Quantum Clairvoyance Reading

Get a taste for Katherine’s powerful healing work by gifting yourself a Sacred Quantum Clairvoyance Reading. To give yourself crystal clarity about a life situation that will help you positively shift it going forward. At this time you may be noticing a pattern that is repeating itself and challenging you by showing up as drama, trauma and or chaos?

1 hour $111, or half hour for $77



Specialty & One-Off Sessions


All Specialty & One-Off Sessions below are $1111


Financial Alchemy Process Session

You may – or may not – have noticed that your financial situation reflects your inner relationship with Money. If you don’t like your finances, something needs to change in that relationship.

If you could RAPIDLY, RADICALLY, and PERMANENTLY change your Relationship with Money, what would that be worth to you?

Does Money love you?

Certified Financial Alchemy Master Coach®, Katherine Lia, walks you through six time-tested steps to turn your personal Money Monster of scarcity into a Money Honey of abundance.

One Session: $1111, includes a follow up.


Quantum Body Reset, Restore, Integrate and Upgrade All Your Body Systems Session

This goes right to the core issue and instantly resets all your body systems quantum style, including the brain, nervous system, immune system, all the glands and hormones rebalanced, right through to the cellular and DNA level, sometimes instantly.



Quantum Leap Healing Session

Quantum Leap Healing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to clear memories, old patterns, dis-ease, blocks and trauma for good. This technique can help you improve every area of your life, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.

(You decide the one issue you would like to work on)



Birth Process Work  & Healing Session

Birth Process Work & Healing Session stems from a growing body of research that confirms that your experiences, from conception through birth and early development, are primary contributors to the person you have become. Impressions occur within the body and soul of the newborn. These impressions create lasting imprints in our physiology as well as our psyche.

These impressions/imprints affect our future experiences, and influence development in every area of our lives —- physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual.



Sacred Soul Realignment Session

Sacred Soul Level Realignment is created from within the Sacred Akashic Records which aligns you with your intentions at the mental and emotional body level to align with your Soul’s purpose and true Hearts’ desires by clearing blocks and restrictions normally keeping you stuck and now freeing you up to create your brightest expressions and dreams come true. Includes a Sacred Soul Profile to guide you to making better choices moving forward to create a vibrational alignment with your desired outcomes.


Ask about Sacred Akashic Record Readings for: (each 1 hour)

  • Life Situational Readings
  • Chakra Clearing Profile
  • Property Clearings
  • Spirit Guides Profile Reading
  • Sacred Soul Relationship Readings for Couples

Each session above is $1111

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In Closing…

I am the freshness of spring * I have the courage to embrace the stillness within * I listen to the voice of Spirit that lives within me * Every cell of my body is filled with love and light * I radiate grace and calmness * My vibration is a wave that gently extends to those around me * My energy pulses with a new awareness of peace*  Today, I plant the seeds of my becoming.~ A Shaman prayer

Do you like gifts? Who doesn’t?

You have the ability to give yourself the most special gift—Yourself!

It’s a gift that can only come from you. This unique and cherished blessing can be fully yours now!

The greatest gift you can give to yourself is yourself!

  • Living as a person you’d like to be rather than the image of what others want, makes the gift most precious.
  • Being a best friend to yourself is a gift that lasts a lifetime.
  • Unconditional self-love creates unlimited possibilities for you to play with.
  • The key to satisfaction is in owning the power to control what happens in your life.

Give yourself the greatest gift, that keeps on giving, where everybody wins. Why wait for a birthday or holiday? Every day is a special occasion if you choose to make it so. Many people pursue careers, romantic partners, possessions, a great body, and everything else that we’re told will make us happy. This warps our perspective on how to actually feel happy. Thus the dilemma of the human conflicted condition that this world keeps suffering from.

Love Flow Energetics along with Life Align by Design could be the answer you have been praying for, for a long time?

Here’s your chance to give yourself the greatest gift of all time, You!

Enter a new world and…


…where man and woman are liberated from pain and struggle. They both delight in each others samenesses and differences and are fascinated by the mystery and beauty of it all. Simply from our meeting something unique like never before is created, a third entity is born, simply from us meeting. Together we create new worlds, exactly how we desire it to be by bridging the communication gap of the sexes through high level communication and your magnificent unique self expression. I own my stuff while the other holds a loving container for me to process, as well as visa versa when its his turn. This is the dance of love.

So, at this time in the evolution of consciousness and how we relate to everything around us. We are now in a position to look within and discover the relationship we have with ourselves. It really is that You are God of your own YOUniverse. We all are God of our own YOUniverse. The Universe is responding to our thoughts and actions and how we feel about ourselves. So as we change our inner world our outer world changes. Not the other way around.

We have awakened to the realization that the opposites in our duality aren’t really opposites, but merely a mirror of one another that we can integrate and unify from within. We have heightened our sense of awareness so we can look beyond the obvious and in doing so we can see what’s real. Like in no other time in history, we are conscious that we are conscious. We are ready to create the tools that will build the bridges so all dimensions of consciousness may intermingle, thus opening the doorways of the mind to the endless flow of possibilities and manifestations from the powerful energies of love.

We have come to realize in the chaos of time and space that we are our own creator and the builder of new worlds, where we are multi-dimensional Beings of divine love and light and that we are individually responsible to build the bridges we desire from our own center point (our YOUniverse). We do that by going within and allowing what is no longer serving us to fall away. What is revealed is your brilliance and your magnificence of Being. You are the gift, the present, in each moment and you get to delight in the gem of You.

You do not have to do anything, fix it, change it, prove anything or get anywhere. You are it. You are already divine. Once we know who we really are we create from a place of ease and grace, love, abundance and freedom rather than fear, lack and scarcity. Feels like a coming home, an easing into our own skin that feels so good, that we have created Heaven on Earth.

When this remembering and awakening happens you realize you are the One you have been waiting for all along. You also realize that you Being You is the solution the world has been waiting for. With these desired bridges working in harmony the world vibrates at a higher level creating a tipping point that carries us to The New Earth where we work together in conscious cooperation, love and collaboration with one another. We make decisions globally based on 7 generations ahead.

Now that’s a world that I desire to Be a part of. It is a magical fun adventure of a lifetime, for sure!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves who am I  to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?  Actually, who are you not to be?  You are a child of God.  Your playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.  We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone.  And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
~Marianne Williamson 1994