Discover what’s blocking you from the fulfillment you desire.

davidKatherine is a clear and heart-felt coach who can help you discover what’s blocking you from the fulfillment you desire, as she’s done for so many others!

If you’re committed to change, you’re in great hands with Katherine!

– David Morelli, Coach

Previous Co-Founder of the #1 iTunes Everything Is Everything Radio Show and now of Enwaken Radio: Life Coaching for Transformative Results, USA


“I have received over $7,000 all due to Katherine’s loving, inspiration”

Robert MAloha! Katherine is a powerful coach that is spiritually intuitive and successful in her own life. She helped me to shed my old preconceptions that were preventing me from receiving my fullest financial potential.

Thus far over three separate instances, I have received over $7,000 all due to Katherine’s loving, inspiration that embodies this positive transformation.

– Robert, Entrepreneur, Healer and Creative, USA


“I recently had a huge sale of art that surpassed my previous expectations by a mile!”

Connie KKatherine, I so want to express my extreme thanks and gratitude for the Financial Alchemy Coaching Session, to clearing my long held blocks around wealth and money.  You were fabulous and you helped me to vanquish my old ideas and limitations and set forth a snowball of new possibilities.

I recently had a huge sale of art that surpassed my previous expectations by a mile.  I now visualize “expansion and infinite possibilities” and see the outcome that I want. I have the confidence to proceed with no doubt that my goal will come to pass, and that is exactly what has been happening.

I haven’t been putting this off to write you, it is just that my business has been sky rocketing and I am so busy!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May your life be abundant too!”

– Connie, Art Sales Professional, USA


“Katherine has encouraged me to bring the things that I feel passionate about to the surface.”

Terry NelsonKatherine has helped me identify and recognize the importance of values, behaviors and outcomes that have the highest meaning and value to me. She has encouraged me to bring the things that I feel passionate about to the surface, and to recognize that integrating them into my everyday life can be a powerful means of achieving that which I believe we all strive for: peace, joy and connection.

Katherine shares my belief that this is the true essence of our life journey. She creates a safe and nurturing “space” for me both in person, and through our phone calls. I’m grateful that she has “shined a light” on aspects of my thoughts and feelings that were waiting to be discovered. She has enriched my life.

~Terry Nelson, Healer, USA


“The best part is the feeling of lightness; as though a huge burden has been lifted.”

By following the process, techniques and suggestions Katherine shared with me in our Financial Alchemy sessions, I have developed a new attitude and feeling about money. Before working with Katherine I had the belief that to want money or give it a place of value in my life would mean that I was greedy and didn’t have my priorities straight. Much of my experience with money and that of close friends and family had been negative. I witnessed the ‘dark side’ that often shows it’s face  when people think they don’t have enough money or that others are trying to take what is believed to be theirs.

I now realize how my conception of money had been so falsely tainted by these early experiences. I am quickly becoming adept at enjoying the abundance that can be met in respecting and appreciating my money and how it contributes to my life in ways that allow me to be a better person with more freedom to choose where to place priorities and focus in my life. The best part is the feeling of lightness; as though a huge burden has been lifted.

It is with great anticipation and appreciation that I approach each new session with Katherine!”

~Teisha, Entrepreneur, USA


“You model honesty and integrity and a genuine concern for other people’s needs”

Cheryl ParkerDear Katherine,

You are warm sensitive loving person who knows how to hold a safe place for people to explore the vulnerable parts of themselves.  I think you model honesty and integrity and a genuine concern for other people’s needs and well being.

I think you make a wonderful champion for people who come to you for coaching.

– With Gratitude, Cheryl Parker, Entrepreneur, NLP Practitioner, USA


“Katherine has a unique brilliance that is obviously loving with a very caring kind heart”

KailashKatherine has a unique brilliance that is obviously loving with a very caring kind heart. She has a child-like innocence and blithe spirit with a trust and faith in the Divine that inspires me.

Your passion to have the life you want for you and your children and your willingness to look inside the dark places and come out as the light to see the Beauty in all its Glory can be felt. Your shiny smile which radiates your heart, your gentleness, your joy and the lightheartedness of being- the positive energy you put into creating your business, is authentically you and reflects that in everything you do!


– Kailash, Creative Entrepreneur and Katherine’s first Coach


“Her wonderful warm spontaneous laughter!”

I consider Katherine’s Unique Brilliance to be her wonderful warm spontaneous laughter, her positive attitude and her constant desire to better herself.

From a long time friend,

~ Sharon, Creative Chef, Ontario, Canada


“Katherine turned my life around completely… there are no words, really.”

Looking back 6 months ago, it’s hard for me to believe that I am the same person thanks to Katherine Lia. I had contemplated tying a large rock around my ankle and jumping into the pool.

Instead of the rock ending my life it saved me. I was fortunate to find Katherine and immersed myself into the Love Flow Energetics Process. Katherine used the rock as a metaphor for me.

So she began breaking me- the rock- open, chipping away the layers of old patterns from this life time and past ones, I began feeling lighter, looking younger, my friends all noticed the shift in my energy.

Eventually Katherine peeled back the last layer revealing a diamond. The diamond is me.

She turned my life around completely. My self worth has skyrocketed. I have been opened up to All possibilities, bliss, the magic and the miracles of life now, by learning a whole new way of being.

There are no words really.

She is a priceless gem to behold that goes beyond words! I found beautiful, amazing me and more! Love yourself enough to invest and experience it for yourself. She gave my the courage, support, and tools to transform my life into one of unconditional love. I am so grateful that I met her.

She is the rock star of life coaches with a unique set of tools that she teaches so you can live every day with ease and grace. Thank you Katherine for transforming my life!


~Deb, Healer, Channeler and Intuitive, Spain


“Her quantum healing abilities are unique and on the leading edge of our time.”

Ursulla picAn inspirational coach that inspires me to know my greatness through who she is. Her quantum healing abilities are unique and on the leading edge of our time in the sun. She is a Goddess in this lifetime and holds a sacred space that feels so loving, a place to be seen and heard by someone who understands deeply because she has been there too.

Katherine is kind hearted, gentle, intelligent, energetic, spontaneous, focused and makes our sessions a new experience with such ease and grace. I feel like I am going on a new adventure each time we are together and can count on Katherine for being a positive source of warm, inspiring energy.

She is gorgeous on the inside and out. She has a way of making others feel special by seeing the light, ability and beauty in others. Katherine’s beautiful energy extends out into the universe and she has a way of connecting with others who might be hundreds of miles away.  I often feel her healing presence.

She is a healer in this lifetime….a gorgeous beacon of light reaching out to the masses and bringing hope.  Her energy is pure and unselfish.  It is rare to meet individuals like Katherine.”

~Ursula C. Mentjes, #1 Best Selling Author of Selling With Intention and Selling With Synchronicity, Founder of SalesCoachNow.com, USA


“Katherine has the brilliance of deep vision and an acute perception of para-sensory.”

Tim Tipton picKatherine’s unique brilliance comes as a many faceted gem. Katherine’s many unique brilliances are a gift for all humankind, welcomed by all who seek self-enlightenment.

Katherine has the brilliance of deep vision and an acute perception of para-sensory.

Most of us only glimpse the veil between the material and spiritual worlds, fortunate if to see the shadows dance on the cloth of events hidden beyond.  Katherine has experienced the energy of events beyond the veil.  She holds tranquil the dynamic energies of transformation and potentialities.  Through her additional unique brilliance of unconditional compassion, she is able to bestow validation and positive affirmation to the journey-work of others, including myself. Katherine has acquired and dispenses a Spiritual Healing through her hard-won knowledge of modern medical practices and the understanding of traditional healing truths which culminate into a synergistic fusion of compassion, insight, and energetic channeling that serves.

In writing this I’m reminded of a powerful quote by Joseph Campbell:

“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life.  I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking.  I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances within our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.”

Katherine’s unique brilliance of deep vision allows her to help others identify these experiences of being fully alive and help us understand their resonances within our innermost beings. I would have to call this facet of her brilliance the “Transformative Brilliance” of the Universal Shaman and or Medicine Woman. Thanks for all the blessings Katherine.

~ Tim Tipton, Artist, USA


“You have integrated my fragments into a whole picture!”

Deborah-GroganThank you so much. You have integrated my fragments into a whole jigsaw picture.

This is a magnificent gift you have given me!

What an amazing coach you are!  You are truly fabulous.

I see you with famous people. You were made for this.

Your stature, grace, beauty, captivating voice, bright, light, soul…

You are a rockstar goddess!

– Deborah Grogen


“You feel like you are in the right place immediately.”

Hans-GoedelKatherine’s unique brilliance is she shines her light authentically in a way that is trustworthy.

Right away you feel like you are in the right place immediately.

~ Hans, International Sports Journalist, Austria



“You see the best in people and want the best for everyone.”

Laura LalloneWhat I experience in you is deep love, respect and compassion for yourself and everyone else. You see the best in people and want the best for everyone. One of my favorite moments with you was in the car going to Trader Joe’s and everyone was talking pretty negatively about President Bush. You were quiet most of the time then said that, “Perhaps we should send all of our positive, loving energy to him instead of anger or resentment, since he is our leader and making critical decisions that will effect us all.”  A lightness took over the car and I could feel the tension drain away. And I thought, “Well, that feels much better.

You glow with a radiance that seems to say about you, “I am strong and I will do what is right – no matter what”. You ask for what you want and stand up for what is right. You are courageous.

You are lovely. You are one of the most humble and beautiful people that I have ever met. You are goofy and fun and marvel at life. You are a breath of fresh air and a perfect dinner companion.

You are a wonderful friend. You are approachable and create a really safe place for people. People really LIKE you. You are a people magnet. You remember small details that mean so much to other people. You are generous with your talents, skills and information. You are Katherine. Thank you for that gift!

With love and friendship,

~Laura L, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Most proud of being a Mom, USA


“I feel the Love she promised I would feel and moments of bliss that I only remember having felt when I was a young girl”

When I  first contacted Katherine , I had already spent 9 years of hell off and on. But mostly on…………. suffering with diagnosed clinical depression, I had spent thousands of dollars and seen a number of doctors and many different practitioners of  all sorts, traditional and alternative modalities to help me heal my self. I was in crisis, physically and mentally  exhausted  and desperate for help, feeling quite hopeless . But at the same time I was  determined to feel well.

Katherine’s passion and commitment to help me was evident during our first session. She spent at least two hours of her time explaining  to me how she could help me and sharing information with me that gave me hope that I had a future to look forward to filled with love and Bliss.

I have been working with Katherine  for 4 months. She works with her intuition and has so many different  modalities  to draw from , from decades of  life experience and education. I always have felt respected and never judged by my situation. I have found that Katherine always has a feasible answer that works for every situation and is extremely empowering.  After only 4 months. I feel the Love she promised I would feel and moments of bliss that I only remember having felt when I was a young girl. The journey that I have been  on with Katherine has been full of  poignant  moments and  has been a wonderful learning experience that has been extremely  empowering. I always  look forward to our weekly  sessions with great excitement and always feel a sense of moving forward.

With great respect,

– Janet, Antique Dealer, Horse and Dog Lover, Ontario, Canada


“Katherine…creates a beautiful space to find solutions that somehow seemed elusive before”

PetaI always thoroughly enjoy my sessions with Katherine.

Her deep intuition, backed by many years of study, experience and her own soul searching, create a beautiful space for one to go within, search out truths and find the solutions that somehow seemed elusive before.

I highly recommend her sessions to any-one who is ready to transform their lives!

– Peta Panos, Transformational Coach




Thank you for giving my youth side of my life back that I have been missing my whole adult life!

-Linda, Artist



Testimonial for Katherine’s Upcoming Book on Relationships

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall….

How can it get any better than this? Or Why Does Relationship Have To Be So Hard?


If you’ve ever had that inner dialog based on abuse, neglect, or needless suffering, Katherine’s book will feel like the guidepost you’ve been searching for.

Her candor and vulnerability will not only make you feel as though there’s someone else out there that understands, but her reflections will leave you speechless at times.  However, she never leaves an example without resolve, clear explanation, and deep psychological (and even scientific at times) understanding.

I cannot recommend Katherine’s work enough.

– Adam King, The Tessera Method



“A journey to return to the truth of who you are”

Katherine is extremely gifted. In our session together, she helped me access and unlock blocks that were keeping me in fear. Her years of learning and experience, which includes tons of tools and a magical intuition, take you on a journey to return to the truth of who you are, and she does this all, holding a big space for growth and love.

~Deborah Acker, Creator of Truth Talk Radio, USA


Her compassion for this work and gentle guidance of unconditional love comes through undeniably.

Thank you Katherine for showing me the way through to joy and knowing more of my self and what I am capable of giving with a deep sense of inner peace and confidence that I can count on moving forward.

– Jeremy, Actor


“It truly was a miracle I could not explain”

I woke up with a migraine that was so bad that I went to the emergency room rather than go to work that day. Katherine happened to contact me and I told her I was at home feeling awful and in bed. She got my permission to do a quantum healing technique remotely on me, where she reset and integrated all of my body systems. After she was done I felt so much better overall, my body felt the body upgrade already. It truly was a miracle that I could not explain. Katherine’s lifelong skill set and compassion are priceless!

~ Anne Marie, Interior Designer, USA


Katherine Lia coached me through one of the darkest moments of my adult life.

Katherine Lia coached me through one of the darkest moments of my adult life, resulting in one of the most healing events I’ve ever known.

Her methods, her compassion, and her patience are unlike any traditional therapy I’ve experienced – and far more successful.

Without her guidance, I’m not sure I could have faced my demons and slayed them as quickly or effectively as I did.

She is an angel walking among us earthly beings.

– Anne, HR Director


“Your kindness and love for life.”

– Steven (former husband), Creative House Contractor, USA


“Katherine encompasses what a compassionate nurse is all about.”

– Lois (a former elderly patient, as an RN)