Into the Looking Glass


“When you find that your life is out of alignment with your
grandest idea of yourself, seek to change it.”

~ Neale Donald Walsh

“Finding and living in alignment with the inner purpose
is the foundation for fulfilling your outer purpose.”

~ Eckhart Tolle


The Ride

I step off the school bus, smiling from ear to ear with anticipation, and hop the white wooden fence with one quick movement. I was so thrilled when Patti asked me to come over to her farm and ride horses with her that day, and I was ecstatic when my Mom actually agreed and gave me full permission to go for it and have fun. I really did not know what she was going to say.

My long, slim athletic body is coursing with tingles and butterflies, feeling thrilled to be alive as my heart races. Lub dub. Lub dub. The smell of pony mixed with alfalfa permeates my nostrils. I take in my breath, slowly and deeply. My lungs fill up with fresh air as I look around and take it all in. The sky is a breathtaking baby blue, soft fluffy white clouds stretch out like cotton scattered across the blue, and the meadow grass surrounding me glimmers in the sun like one never-ending emerald.

My heart pounds with excitement as I follow my friend’s lead. Grabbing tightly onto the brown Shetland pony’s coarse red mane, I swing my lanky legs up and over her back in one quick swoop. I barely begin to settle in the right position when she bolts. Taking off in a full speed gallop, my long brown hair tassels behind me, blowing with the wind, while the sun kisses my cheeks. My long legs almost touch the ground. I hold on with all of my might…and then it happens. We move as one and the same – to the same rhythm of freedom.

I am free to be me and I feel unstoppable. And from this moment on, I am hooked.


When was the last time you felt this way? Free? Unstoppable? Fully present? When all your senses were on hyper alert and you were fully yet easily aware of all the details of your surroundings? When time stood still, and everything flowed perfectly from one moment to another?

Maybe you were painting, playing a sport or your favorite instrument, running and playing outside as a child? Whatever you were doing, you were doing it fully in your joy, expressing yourself without a worry in the world, right?


As a young child who spent hours outside climbing trees and catching minnows in a glass jar, I remember having a sense of wonder and awe and a deep un-worded understanding of the connectedness of all things, including myself. I was at one with it all, undistracted and unencumbered by anything going on outside of myself and my big little world. I felt embraced within this unified field of love inside the unique rhythm of my own heart song, especially when I was on that pony. I was connected and felt deeply that I belonged to something very special.

I was truly in alignment with myself, with nature, with my truth… with God (Source).



Alignment allows us to awaken to our essence of freedom, to grow stronger, and to access love-intelligence from within. It reminds us of and connects us with who we really are and were always meant to be. When we are in alignment, every part of our being and our life becomes easier, more serene, more satisfying, more insightful, and more joyful.

When we’re in alignment, we have an endless amount of energy and a feeling of vitality, vigor, and overall well-being that comes up from the depth of our core. We crave nutritious foods that support us in accomplishing the activities of our day. We enjoy moving our bodies and exercising, and our bodies do what we need them to do and get us where we need to go each day.

When we’re in alignment, we experience the overflow of love, harmony, and joy with ourselves and with the people we attract into our lives. Positive communication, understanding, and everyday interactions seem to flow with ease, returning many pleasurable experiences.

When we are in alignment, when what is going on inside of us is congruent with what is going on outside, we are giving it our best, fully engaged with whatever we are doing, making the task enjoyable somehow, even if it hasn’t been in the past or is simply mundane. We are more likely to find ourselves following our hearts, doing the work we love to do, and loving the work we do. Time flies while having fun and we are easily being efficient and productive. Of course our supervisors notice the great job we are doing, and our co-workers desire to be around us. They may comment about their feelings of calmness and joy when we are near. They can’t help but smile back.

When we are in alignment, we have a deep knowing that inner guidance is our constant companion. We find our way by trusting the unfolding. When it feels good, life-force energy is flowing through us, and it is always there to tap into. We recognize and live in the truth that happiness, peace, joy, creativity, love, and freedom already exist inside of us. These are our birthrights, our divine heritage, and we feel it to be true.


Our Birthright

Everything is perfect and events always happen for a reason, even though we may not see right away. Nothing is for naught.

Living in the spiritual zone is participating fully in life and walking in the flow of life-force energy, which is God, or divine intelligence, leading us to the best that we could possibly ever be.

This divine intelligence is our beingness – our true essence that never changes. This is love intelligence that runs through all of life, and that guides our every step, even when we don’t see it. It’s this love intelligence that has been trying to show us insightfully what we need to let go of because it is no longer serving us. This divine force helps us to make room for all of the blessings that are our birthright.

I consider myself spiritual and not religious. I have no charge around the word God, as many people do. Divine Intelligence, Source, Divinity, Love Intelligence, Krishna, Creator, Allah, Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience, Transcendence, Immanence, Unconditional Love are all words to describe God.

We are all one hundred percent God. We may not be all that God is, but still we are one hundred percent God and what God created. We are God made in the same image. We are true expressions of God. Our life is the life of God expressed through us, as us. I like the image of all of us as waves on the ocean of God, “waving.” We are unconditional love, as we were created from this loving presence that resides within us always. We are it.

God is perfection. How could God be wrong? God created life so God could experience life through every blade of grass and every human being – experience it all through us. We are individuals undivided from the whole of love and the whole of life. We are perfect in our imperfections so that we can experience the love that we are through duality (contrasts, opposites, and paradoxes). We grow spiritually and integrate into unification (wholeness), enjoy our creations, and appreciate love so much more in infinitely unlimited possible ways because we are God. Our purpose in life is to evolve into that person that we truly are, expand our consciousness, and express our truth from here. We are all teachers and all students relating and learning from one another’s reflections and learning more about who we really are.

Life’s demands and our soul’s unique desire to express itself intimately work together as a series of initiations which awakens us to more of who we really are, all in perfect order. For us all to be fully blessed, we each need to know who we really are and share the gifts and talents unique to ourselves with others joyfully and generously. We each make up a unique part of a divine whole of love-intelligence that has a much bigger and better plan for all of us. It’s important that we help one another by giving each other a leg up, which will increase the vibration of this planet with all of our cooperating and collaborating efforts.

And when we are aligned with that divine whole, with our highest purpose and our birthright, life feels like that horseback ride. We just need to awaken and remember who we really are.


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